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Consulting is a major area that Global Vision provides its services to the society in general, and businesses and professionals in particular backed by the experiences and models developed by Global Vision keeping in mind the local and regional cultural and business milieu while seeking higher levels of efficiency. Here, Global Vision mainly focuses on change management as core service, and supported services such as HR, operations, commercial etc.

Global Vision considers Executive Coaching intertwined one way or another with change management , either it can be a part of it, or can be a stand alone service to the capabilities and expertise of professional staff and leaders. For Global Vision, it is a part of change management and corporate renewal mechanism.

Training & Development

Global Vision considers Training and Development services and models – part of traditional HR services, as its major wing that it can fly on with. Global Vision even them being aspects of an organization that might make or break them. Therefore, Global Vision focuses on government and private sectors players.

Government Global Vision responds to the needs and requests of different regional Governments according to their training and development annual plans, beside working along with them to develop new products and services and Models for them in line with their changing needs and the in environmental factors..

For the private sector, GV provide commercial training (Marketing, Sales and Customer Services) as well as Technical Services (IT Security), Psychology (Choice Theory and Reality Therapy).

Associates, Affiliate and organizations

Elite Private Institute for International Training – that targets the Government sector .

Yildz Private Training - Turkish language. 

The Yildiz Institute of private training is a leading institutes in the training sector in terms of introducing several specialized training programs different in the Turkish language for all levels and ages through the educational Arabic and Turkish specialized in this field, and Institute relies on specifications and standards European standards inteaching languages​​. Institute was adopted by Al-Fateh University and Scientific Center Anatolia Culture and Languages ​​ to the professionalism of the Turkish language.



GV Client Base

Global Vision has developed a large and illustrious base of patrons and delegates since 2004. This base encompasses a diversified range of patrons and delegates from the Government sector, private sector and the public sector. The base also includes patrons and delegates from the commercial, the industrial, the financial and the telecommunications sectors at both local and regional levels.

Since 2004 Global Vision has built a strong network of high quality professional institutes as partners. We support them locally, and they support us in our activities and operations at regional levels wherein we utilize their expertise and expertise to meet the needs and requirements of our esteemed clients.


2014 Program

Certification Programs

General Programs

Training Camps


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